Smart Pet Feeders

As a pet owner, you want to give your pet the best quality of life that you possibly can. But with life's demands and ever changing priorities, it can be difficult to manage every aspect of your life consistently. Nobody wants to feel guilty when it comes to how they take care of their pets.

This is where a smart pet feeder can literally become your second best friend.

If you’re willing to make the investment, you’ll find that you can eliminate one aspect of the daily routine of taking care of an animal, without compromising their health and happiness.

In fact, there’s a couple of key reasons why making the switch to an automatic pet feeder will actually improve the life of your pet.

First, routine is proven to be one of the best contributors to the life and happiness of pets. Humans like routine too. Think about how annoyed you can get when you don’t have your coffee on time, when an appliance breaks, or you’re an hour late getting home due to rush hour traffic. For a pet, a regularly scheduled feeding time can give them a sense of stability and lower their anxious behavior.

Second, a smart pet feeder provides consistency in the amount of food that is given. If you are managing the weight of your pet, a smart pet feeder can enable you to accurately meet their nutritional needs and staying within dietary restrictions. The smart pet feeder will also enable you to take a "hands-off" approach to feeding, so you won’t be swayed by those puppy-dog eyes.

As a person that loves to teach and share, and a former science grad, I love doing research and sharing the best technology gadgets that the market has to offer. Not just any gadget that are affordable and durable. The products I recommend must also have Form & Function.

I spend countless hours researching products in the market, often traveling to manufacturing sites, speaking with the manufacturers, and distill it to a few good products that I believe are worth your attention. 

These below are the best of the best for Smart Pet Feeders, and prices range from $100-200.

Here goes, my list of Best Smart Pet Feeders for 2020 that are Affordable, Durable, and with Form & Function.

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, Wi-Fi Enabled Pet Feeder, Smartphone App for iPhone and Android | US $132.95

This is PetSafe's second generation dog/cat feeder with Dash replenishment (this product uses Amazon Dash Replenishment technology that you can set up to automatically reorder supplies. This service is entirely optional, and can be changed at any time.


  • LOW FOOD SENSOR: The feeder automatically notifies you when food levels are low; you’ll also receive an alert if the hopper becomes empty
  • AUTOMATIC REPLENISHMENT: Automatically reorder your pet’s favorite food with Amazon Dash Replenishment
  • ALEXA ENABLED: Ask your Amazon Echo device to feed your dog or cat a snack; use the Smart Feed app to monitor your pet’s feeding from anywhere for peace of mind
  • SMARTPHONE PROGRAMMING: Control your pet's meal time from anywhere using your smartphone; app requires an apple iPhone or iPod device iOS 9.0 or later or a compatible Android smartphone 6.0 or later
  • PERSONALIZED PET FEEDING: Program up to 12 meals to feed on your pet's schedule; the Feed Now option allows you to feed your cat or dog outside of normal feeding times
  • FLEXIBLE PORTIONS: Meals can be dispensed from 1/8 cup to 4 cups to fit your pet's unique feeding needs; slow feed option allows meals larger than 1/8 cup to dispense slowly over a 15-minute period
  • BATTERY BACKUP: Feeder is power adapter operated with optional battery backup (requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries, not included); if Wi-Fi drops, your pet still receives the next scheduled feeding
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: Lid, hopper, bowl and bowl holder are top-shelf dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning; made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel; for indoor use only

BCP (BestChoiceProducts) 4.5L Smart Automatic Pet Feeder w/ Camera, App, Portion Control, 2-Way Audio | US $99.99

  • APP CONTROL: iOS (7.5 and up) and Android (4.0 and up) compatible app gives you and up to 8 users remote control of your feeder and all its unique functions
  • 720P WIDE ANGLE CAMERA: Enjoy around-the-clock access to your pet with a 130-degree wide angle view and use the app to snap pictures or record video
  • PERSONALIZED FEEDING: Use the app to schedule up to 4 meals a day or use the manual feeding option for those times your pet needs a pick-me-up
  • 2-WAY MICROPHONE: Chat up your furry friend or just listen to the sounds of your home with a built-in two-way microphone that lets you record up to 10 seconds of audio to personalize your feedings
  • 2 POWER OPTIONS: Plug into the wall outlet, or install D-batteries to keep the feeder on schedule in case of a power outages or disconnection

Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser | Fling treats at varying distances | US $199.97

Petcube’s products are specifically created with caring pet parents in mind, with functions like real-time interaction, video history and more. Petcube's cameras have an award winning design and come in a different colors to seamlessly fit into any home.


  • TREAT YOUR PET REMOTELY: Fling treats from your smartphone at varying distances - up to 6 feet. Schedule automatic treating from the Petcube App. Compatible with a variety of dry, crunchy dog and cat treats. Up to 2 lbs treat capacity. Wellness dog treats are included.
  • MONITOR 24/7 FROM YOUR PHONE: With Petcube Bites Wi-Fi pet cam, check on your pet day or night with clear 1080p HD video, 138° wide angle view, and night vision. See up close with 3x zoom. Get sound and motion alerts.
  • CHAT WITH YOUR PET: With two-way audio you can speak to your pets and hear them bark or meow back. Tell them you love them from anywhere.
  • FREE CLOUD-BASED VIDEO STORAGE: Always see the last 4 hours stored on an interactive video timeline, no subscription required. Video recordings of your pet’s activity are triggered by sound and motion. Optional Petcube Care subscriptions provide 24/7 video history; extended video clips; smart alerts for barking, meowing, pets and people. All Petcube Care subscribers get access to perks that can save you hundreds of dollars a year on top brand pet supplies, products and services.
  • CONNECTIVITY REQUIREMENTS: 2. 4GHz WiFi, iOS 10 and higher or Android 5. 1 and higher. Compatible with Alexa.

One cannot go wrong with any of these products I reviewed above. I personally have tested all three, and use the PetSafe product as we have Amazon Prime service that enables us to use Dash.

Here's to your your pet's health and happiness!

- David

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